Meal plans for a $100/month budget

Under a Hunder

Under a Hunder

Meal plans for a $100/month budget


Hey there!

My name is Emily – thanks for stopping by! I’m a millennial who loves to cook, but I’m on a budget and my real priority is saving money to (1) travel and (2) invest. I’ve found that my biggest discretionary expenses each month are eating out and groceries – two things that I can improve with a little planning. More planning = more money for trips, more money in my pocket! I’m hoping that this blog will keep me accountable to my goals and make meal planning more fun. Each week I will post my meal plan for the week, along with my grocery list, budget, and the recipes I will be using. My goal is to keep my monthly grocery expense close to $100.

Here are the general guidelines I’m following:

  • I only shop at Aldi, so all recipes and budgets will be based on the Aldi prices (and sales) in my area. I don’t want to hop from store to store to score certain deals, but if you do, go for it – you might be able to push the budget even further!
  • I have the basics on hand, and I’m assuming you do too – things like spices, olive oil, condiments, et cetera. The recipes will list all ingredients required, but the kitchen staples I have will not be included in the budget.
  • I bring my lunch to work every day, so each recipe will have enough for leftovers (or a dinner guest) unless otherwise indicated.
  • I’m a huge fan of breakfast for dinner, so each week will include at least one breakfast recipe. It’s healthy and cheap! Other than breakfast for dinner, there will likely also be at least one vegetarian night.
  • The weekly grocery list will include items for breakfast and snacks. You’ll probably want to edit items according to your preferences, but I’m a big fan of fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, cheese, dark chocolate, and popcorn, so expect to see these on my grocery list each week.
  • If Aldi is having an awesome sale on something that will keep (dry goods, frozen veggies or meat, etc.) I may buy something one week to use in recipes later in the month.

That’s all for now. My first weekly meal plan and grocery list will be posted on Saturday, August 26th. I hope you will join me!

My Diary

August 27th – September 2nd: $40

August 27th – September 2nd: $40

Meal Plan for the Week of August 27th – September 3rd

This week I will be stocking up on some items to use throughout the month, so the budget will be a little higher than the weeks that will follow. Items that will be used week to week include brown rice, onions, sweet potatoes, some of the cheeses, garlic, and the three pepper frozen veggie blend. The budget is $40.00. The grocery list and recipes are provided below.

Here’s the plan: 


  • Greek yogurt (on sale this week for $0.59 each at Aldi)
  • Bananas
  • Dark Chocolate


  • English muffins with topping of choice (on sale this week for $0.79)
  • Banana (on sale this week for $0.44/lb)

Grocery List:  (more…)